Гильотинные ножницы Alpha Mach III

The Alpha Mach III guillotine shear allows the pipe manufacturers to achieve the maximum number of cuts per minute up to 300 m / min.

The patented Alpha ™ double cut die provides an in-mold, ready-for-sale product directly from the mill. High-precision cutting (± 1.0 mm at maximum speed) allows manufacturers to avoid using costly follow-up operations.

All Alpha ™ guillotine shears use a high-speed pinion drive, which reduces cutting cycle time by producing cut-off products in real production. Servo control with feedback provides a constant monitoring of the speed of the pipe, the position of the dies and the carriage. The final result is a high-precision cutting cycle.

Alpha Mach III  ™ Flying Shear Guillotine shears :  Pipe diameters from 1 in. (25.4 mm) to 5 in (127 mm), wall with a maximum of 0.250 inches (6.35 mm)

Ideal for high-speed production of high-strength steel profiles.


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  • Non-deformation at high speeds when using the option of double-cut stamps
  • Heavy-duty frame, closed for maximum safety
  • Rotary stem design
  • High-speed gear-drive system for precise control of the length of the cut pipe
  • Vertical or inclined (for non-circular geometries) design
  • Single or double die option
  • Programmable for batch production
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting display


Pipe Range 24.5 mm to 127 mm (1,000 to 2,000 inches) double cut
25.4 mm — 152.4 mm (1.000 inches to 6.000 inches) single cutting
Wall thickness 0.7 mm to 6.4 mm (0.028 inches to 0.250 inches)
Dimensions  3129 mm (123.2 inches) L x 2245 mm (88.4 inches) W x 2471 mm (97.3 inches) In

From 50 cuts per minute with a minimum cutting length of 0.6 m (24 inches) at 30 m / min to 35 cuts per minute with a minimum cutting length of 3.00 m (120 inches) at 107 m / min.

  • High-speed guillotine shears Alpha ®  Ultra for 2 inches (50.8 mm) single cut for thin-walled pipes up to 1000 ft / min (304 m / min)
  • Plants for cutting large diameter pipes Alpha ® Hydroform for diameters up to 6 5/8 inches (168.275 mm)

Инструментальная оснастка

Knives and grippers Alpha ™ are a high-precision tool for the stamp. Using the original Alpha ™ snap-in ensure the correct operation of the unit and the long life of the stamp.

Knives Both types of knives can be supplied: vertical and horizontal. The profile of the knife is created using a semi-automatic computer to achieve optimal geometry for a particular application. Material ATS2 allows to increase the service life of the knife, especially when cutting stainless or high-strength steels.to increase the service life of the knife, especially when cutting stainless or high-strength steels. 

Alpha ™ Knives come in a variety of configurations tailored for the specific production

  • Corner for square or round bars
  • Radial for round tube
  • Angular radial / double radius for large diameter pipes
  • Offset for special non-circular profiles

For the whole range of pipes and profiles. Clamps Alpha ™ are made of high-strength steel. Alpha ™ clamps are a precision tool with a long service life and durability

  • Made of high-speed tool steel
  • Accurate cutting ± 0.004 inches (0.102 mm)
  • Strengthened for increased resistance to resistance